Can you learn to swim by reading a book?

Of course, one can't.

All skills and achievements require training, not just theoretical knowledge.

It is a basic insight, yet the majority of today's learning styles are based solely on traditional training methods, such as reading and classroom teaching.

It needs to change.

At Minday, we are therefore at the forefront of making VR simulations the standard in the education and training of employees and students. It contributes to better outcomes, personal empowerment and positive change in our society.

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MSc in Psychology, Anna Stelvig

Meet Our Founders.


MSc in Psychology, Anna Stelvig

ANDnna Stelvig holds a MSc in Psychology and was the first in Denmark to write a thesis on performance anxiety. She has advised and taught on the subject for more than 10 years. About the reason why in 2018 she founded StudyMind (today Minday) she says: The cheater. This is what I call my nervousness, which has to show itself in situations where I have to perform in front of other people. A little troll who rumsters inside the body and tries to trick me into thinking I can't handle it. I've learned to accept him, but I don't give him any attention anymore. That way he doesn't interfere with my focus and I can tell you everything I've been preparing for. Most people (maybe all of us) have a Fupper in tow when we need to perform in situations that are important to us — and that could potentially open or close doors in our lives. It creates a tension in the body, which is quite normal. But it must not stand in the way of achieving the results you dream of.

Through my own experiences and through several years of work with performance training, I identified a need for better tools to achieve a strengthened mindset in relation to important achievements.
And at the same time tools that could improve dissemination and anchor knowledge, so that better well-being and stronger results could be achieved by all.
That's why I founded StudyMind (today Minday).

I am incredibly happy and proud that our solution is constantly being further developed to revolutionize learning, and today it is used by both educational institutions and companies to improve soft-skills performance.

We are role model 2021 in Tech Awards!

Nordic Women in Tech has appointed us as a role model 2021

One of 25 female entrepreneurs you should know

A jury in Danish Business has selected StudyMind CEO Anna as one of 25 key female entrepreneurs

Nominated for Entrepreneur of the year & Innovator of the year 2022

Building on
evidence-based theory.

In the cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure is a key method of treating performance anxiety.

Put in good English, you must expose yourself to what you fear. And although you may not fear what you have to perform, you will find that by training the situation or achievement you are facing, you will feel stronger and more prepared. The reflection of the training will be evident in your results.

With Minday, we have digitized exposure theory and coupled it with classical learning theory. When you practice your presentations in our virtual universe, you will gain new experiences in mastering situations both mentally and professionally.

Self-confidence grows, the technique of communication sharpens and your knowledge becomes more deeply rooted.

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